Our courses in Music Production

Beginner usually have time to go through all the points in a BASIC COURSE on a 10-hour package. Which means most people can already start producing music.


  • How are songs from different genres structured
  • How to build a song from scratch
  • What kind of instruments / sounds do you have in a song?
  • Drum programming
  • Review of software instruments
  • Song arrangement
  • Review of the mixer
  • How to make a production more interesting
  • Basic mixing
  • Acoustics and recording
  • Review of vocals, recording and mixing

Price: 9500 SEK

The course is aimed at those who want to get an insight / test how music production works. We go through how a music program is structured and you will get to try creating music in a simpler way. The course is held on one occasion and is 4 hours long.

  • Basic review of the Ableton music program
  • Song structure and arrangements
  • Different building blocks of songs
  • Sound image
  • Tips on how to get started and move on

Price: 4000 SEK

If you have previous experience, we will tailor the lessons to suit your level of knowledge. Most of the points below you usually have time to go through on a 10-hour package.


  • Acoustics and recording
  • Review of vocals; recording and mixing
  • Layering
  • Automation in production and mixing
  • In-depth mixing and mixing techniques
  • Bus mixing (bus sound package)
  • Effects and automation techniques
  • Mastering
  • The music industry and the business part

Price: 9500 SEK

The Edit course is aimed at you who’s already a DJ, or have taken the DJ Basic Course, and who are interested in making your own DJ edits. This is a natural step between being a DJ and producing your own songs. The course is held in the program Ableton.

If you have little or no previous experience, you usually have time to go through all the points below on a 10-hour package. Before you take the course, we have a meeting to see what exactly you are interested in learning, so we can adapt and put more emphasis on the points you are particularly interested in.


  • Review basics in Ableton
  • Editing
  • Create intro / outro
  • Tempo transition edits
  • Review of effects in Ableton
  • Basics of sound image and mixing
  • MashUps
  • Re-Drums
  • Tone-play edits

Price: 9500 SEK

In this course, we guide you on how to streamline and take the next step in releasing music.
We start with a meeting to talk about your goals / visions and your current level of knowledge. Then we calculate the approximate time required.


  • Feedback on songs
  • Get your music out at stores like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal etc.
  • Set new goals
  • Tips on how to finish a song if you are stuck
  • How you can become more efficient in your work
  • Guidance
  • Mentorship
  • Marketing

Price: 950 SEK/h

Are you currently in the creation of a song or in a music production and unsure about how to proceed? Or do you have a finished production / song and want feedback on it? Maybe you want to know if the song will work on a dance floor?

Among other things, we can help you with feedback on:

  • Structure
  • Melodies
  • Lyrics
  • Arrangement / Structure
  • Sound image / Mixing

Whether it’s technical or purely creative details, our professional songwriters, music producers and DJs give feedback on exactly what you want feedback on.

Price: 950 SEK/h

Do you want to develop in a specific area? Let’s book a meeting (free of charge) and talk more specifically about what exactly you want / need to develop. Then we can tailor a course plan for your specific needs.

Price: 950 SEK/h

First things first: you need to set your computer properly so your workflow can be reliable, efficient, proficient and always able to work without bottle necks of any sorts. 

We take your machine and optimize your os first (both Windows and Mac) with essential settings plus tips and tricks to get the most out of your computer. Windows is requiring a bit more work to be optimized properly for audio and for your Daw of choice, while Mac has different parameters to set, less passages but a bit more work “behind the scenes” to be done. After setting the OS we’ll go through how Applications or Programs installed and we start optimizing more deeply inside the already optimized OS. At the end your computer is gonna have a new life and you are ready to go at full speed with your machine to produce your music. 

We also optimize your DAW of choice for your specific needs even on old and not powerful computers to not receive “overload” messages anymore or crushes of any sort. 

extra service: we also offer the service of installing specific software or library you desire to have and optimize that specific software inside the DAW and the OS. This is very much recommended especially on Windows machines. 

MAC PRICE 4 HRS: 3800 SEK (both OS and software)

PC PRICE 6 HRS: 5700 SEK (windows takes longer time to optimize)

We offer DJ courses, Music production, Songwriting & Branding. The courses are suitable for both beginners and those with previous experience. Our students’ age varies from 8 years to 70 years +. As the lessons are held individually, teachers and students decide together on lesson times. We hold classes 7 days a week and are flexible in terms of times. We are happy to adapt to your everyday life so that you learn in the best and most effective way.

All prices include VAT.