About us

About us2020-11-06T18:23:05+01:00
How did STAR DJ start?2020-11-06T18:20:36+01:00

2011 was the year when Samir (DJ Samvice) started the DJ school STAR DJ. He realized that in just a few hours it was possible to teach others what took him several years to learn. In 2011, there were only DJ schools with a focus on large classes. As it is difficult to learn the DJ trade in a large class, Samir wanted to start a school with a more private focus in order to be able to educate the students more efficiently and faster. Demand has increased over the years as well as STAR DJ’s reputation. Today we have several professional teachers and a wider range of courses so that more people can achieve their goals and dreams. We have trained hundreds of students in DJing and music production so far.

Why should you choose STAR DJ?2020-11-06T18:20:38+01:00
  • Effective – Tailored to your goals and your current level.
  • Quality – We use the latest equipment. Our teachers have solid experience in the industry. Personal touch to the education. A studio that can be converted into a simulated nightclub. Soundproof room with professional speakers for world-class sound (if you were not an audiophile before, you will be with us).
  • Mentorship – We are always there for the student with advice, tips and help during and after education.
  • Contacts – We help with contacts for your future in music.
  • DJ school with the longest experience – One of the few schools that has existed and educated hundreds of students since 2011. Therefore, we have an extremely high standard in our way of teaching.
  • Collaboration with Pioneer DJ – We have for many years collaborated with the world-leading brand Pioneer DJ. Pioneer’s DJ equipment makes up more than 60% of the market.
  • Security – The student should always feel safe and be able to turn to us regardless of problems.
What is your vision?2020-11-06T18:20:39+01:00

Our vision is that everyone who attends our courses would learn as much as possible and also have a lot of fun along the way. We strive to make the learning curve as low as possible so that you can reach your goals faster. Technical mumbo-jumbo has nothing to do with talent. You are our boss and it is our job to adapt the education based on how you learn best.