Our DJ Courses

Beginners usually have time to go through all the points in the BASIC COURSE on a 10-hour package. Which means most people can already start DJing.


  • How DJ equipment works and all its functions
  • Beat mixing
  • How to mix
  • When to mix
  • Mixing between different music styles
  • Techniques that make it easier to mix beats
  • How to plan your set
  • How to read an audience
  • How to find music and where
  • Basic course of the Rekordbox application
  • Advice on all types of equipment you need

Price: 9500 SEK

If you are already experienced, we tailor the lessons to suit your level of knowledge. Most of the points below you usually have time to go through on a 10-hour package.


  • Make use of effects
  • Looping / HOT cue
  • How songs are structured
  • How to use 3 CD players at the same time
  • In-depth study of the Rekordbox application
  • Use the microphone to enhance your set
  • How to prepare your sets for cue-points / loops
  • How to use the light on nightclubs for your set
  • How to stand out among other DJs
  • Marketing
  • How to use acapellas
  • Troubleshooting sound and light as well as installation
  • Opportunity to be warm-up

Price: 9500 SEK

This course is for those who want to get an insight into what it is like to be a DJ. The course is 1 day (4 hours, 1 person at a time). We go through the basics of DJing and you will get to try mixing.


  • How DJ equipment works
  • Beat mixing / Cut mixing
  • How to mix
  • When to mix
  • Mixing between different music styles
  • Mixing and exercises
  • DJ routines

Price: 4000 SEK

The scratch course is aimed at those of you who are DJ’s already, or have previously attended our DJ courses. During the course you will learn the basics of scratching. This will raise your technical level in DJing and improve your show. The course is based on a lot of guidance and practicing on your own.
Below are the techniques we will go through during a 10-hour package.


  • Babyscratch
  • Drops
  • Tear
  • Chirps
  • Transform
  • Flares
  • Crabs
  • Fader technique

Price: 9500 SEK

Do you want to develop in a specific area? Let’s book a meeting (free of charge) and talk more specifically about what exactly you want or need to develop. Then we can tailor a course plan for your specific needs.

Price: 950 SEK/h

We offer DJ courses, Music production, Songwriting & Branding. The courses are suitable for both beginners and those with previous experience. Our students’ age varies from 8 years to 70 years +. As the lessons are held individually, teachers and students decide together on lesson times. We hold classes 7 days a week and are flexible in terms of times. We are happy to adapt to your everyday life so that you learn in the best and most effective way.

All prices include VAT.