Do you help with getting gigs/contacts in the music industry?2020-11-06T18:21:38+01:00

Yes, as best we can! Our goal is to get all our students into the music industry. As we work actively in the various industries in these areas, we have good relationships with clubs/event agencies/artists/singers/record companies/songwriters etc. We also help with advice and guidance for your development/goals.

How do online courses work?2020-11-06T18:21:37+01:00

After registration via website or email, we will contact you for more info on exactly how it works and what you need. We use the ZOOM application, which is one of the largest online tools at present. Through ZOOM we can see your screen, control your mouse, hear the music in our computer that you play. You can also hear and see everything in our computer. It is a very effective way for those who do not live in Stockholm (Sweden) or those who need quick help. We are on site 7 days a week to be able to help you with urgent problems, questions or online training.

Do I need any equipment?2020-11-06T18:21:36+01:00

No, you do not need any equipment as we have a fully equipped studio. However, we recommend that you have some type of DJ/Music production equipment to be able to practice at home. We help with advice and recommendations at the first meeting depending on your goals and budget.

Do I need previous experience?2020-11-06T18:21:35+01:00

No, you do not. We have courses for beginners and experienced students alike.

How fast can you learn DJing?2020-11-06T18:21:35+01:00

Most people learn how to DJ and go through all the basics of DJing in 10 hours. It is very individual how fast you learn, some need more time and others need less. If you have previous experience, of course it goes faster. We also have an introductory course of 4 hours where you get an insight into how everything works in DJing.

What are the benefits of being a DJ?2020-11-03T19:27:23+01:00
  • Few working days compared to a regular job, which gives you more free time.
  • Meet and get to know a lot of people.
  • Work is a party.
  • Work anywhere in the world.
  • To get a “KICK” (indescribable feeling) from being on stage and getting everyone at a nightclub/event dancing to exactly what YOU are playing.
  • Make money from something you love to do.
At what hours are you open for lessons?2020-11-06T18:21:34+01:00

We work 7 days a week and we are flexible with the hours so it’s usually never a problem to adapt to your everyday life.

Do you have an age limit?2020-11-06T18:21:33+01:00

No, but we recommend that the student is at least 8 years old.

How do you register?2020-11-06T18:21:32+01:00

Once you have submitted the form, STAR DJ will contact you as soon as possible and then arrange a meeting (the meeting is free). At the meeting, we go through your goals and a little more about how your vision is, and how we will set up the course so that it is tailored just for you. After that, we book 5 different occasions (2 hours on each occasion) for 1 month. We are flexible with the hours so it is possible to book both weekends and weekdays day/evening as long as you book the lessons on time.