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After you finish composing the track, we sit together for the first feedback to see if the track is ready to be moved to the mixing process or if anything needs to be done before. 

We’ll go together through how to organize the channels, how to create templates for you to be faster and proficient and we start talking about eqs (subtractive, addictive, analog etc), compressors, saturators, reverbs, delays, modulation fxs, gain staging, top-down and down-top techniques, different side chains techniques and everything you need for real to manage a mix without having doubts or troubles in the future with questions like “what should I use here?”, “Which is the eq that I should use for this?” etc. 

The purpose is not only giving the knowledge, but also (and especially) going together in a “learning by doing” process so you will be more comfortable when you’ll start mixing on your own.

  • Gain staging
  • Balancing
  • Subtractive Eqs
  • Creative Eqs
  • Types of Compressors
  • How to use Compression
  • Aux tracks
  • Reverbs and Delays as Sound Design both sound design and mixin
  • How to treat layers in mixing
  • How to “glue” everything together even from very different source
  • Modulation FXs

Price: 9500 SEK


After the mix is done there comes the need of finalizing the track making it sounding good and loud enough on all systems as the market requires. We are well aware of the fact that there are sort of “drag and drop presets” from software like Ozone but even using these very easy and immediate tools, most of the time you can get confused in case you want to apply any change to the actual preset you just loaded and this happens just because you have all the tools to make your track sounding good, but maybe lacking the knowledge on how effectively use what you have sculpturing your needs. 

In this program we are gonna move from the principles of mastering to the final export. What eq is needed to do what, what compressor is to be used when it comes to mastering (like multiband, optical, upward compression for instance), what specific exciter, harmonic enhancers, dithering,  limiters and a lot more, everything you need to know to become faster and more effective on finalizing your track. We are also gonna look into tips and tricks specific for mastering in electronic music production and how to export for streaming platforms.

  • Mastering is not Mixing
  • How to critically listen to a reference track
  • Loudness levels
  • Linear phase processing
  • Upward Comps
  • Analogue Comps and EQs (in forms of plugins) for Mastering
  • Saturation
  • Exciters
  • Enhancers
  • Limiters
  • Widening

Price: 9500 SEK


After the fundamentals in mixing are all set we start to go a bit deeper in routings, parallel compression, parallel distortion, routings and we start what we call the “creative mixing”. With different techniques coming from the most known producers and sound engineers we will finalize your tracks together before going to mastering, we will handle different signal chains without influencing your sound and creativity and we’ll teach you how to create space, how to create deepness in your mix and how to prepare and export the final mix.

  • Parallel comp/saturation/reverb etc
  • Advanced routings and how to use pre-post faders
  • Side Chaining techniques on both tracks and effects
  • Working on Master chain
  • Theories of bottom-up and top-down mixing
  • Advanced Reverb and Delay techniques
  • Meterings
  • How to use Analogue plugins
  • How to prepare the track for Mastering 

and a bit of:

Synth programming, mixing also inside the instruments, sound design in music, rise and hits, how to create catchy melodies with the theory of PreVaDe, chords and progressions theory.

Price: 14.250 SEK


For people who desire to go deeper in this territory, this course offers a deeper focus on how to finalize the track, how to personalize your plugins with setups specifically made to help you mastering faster and more efficiently and some important techniques used to get the pro-commercial results.

We are gonna go through specific plugins, we are gonna stuy how they work, what to use, how to think progressively during the mastering process and we are also gonna cover your specific needs following your track and letting you create “startin templates” and how to deeply analyze reference tracks given to obtain similar results. A deep work on EQs and Comps for mastering is one of the main goals of this course, together of course with what is really needed to complete your tracks. 

  • M/S processing
  • Mastering templates
  • Oversampling and avoid clipping
  • Automating plugins in mastering
  • How and when to avoid crossover techniques
  • Knowledge and practice on different famous plugins to make you feel comfortable in all plugins choices
  • Advanced parallel processing
  • How to prepare the track for different formats following specific parameters (wav, mp3, ogg etc are not the same and these differences need to be considered before the final export.

Price: 14.250 SEK


First things first: you need to set your computer properly so your workflow can be reliable, efficient, proficient and always able to work without bottle necks of any sorts. 

We take your machine and optimize your os first (both Windows and Mac) with essential settings plus tips and tricks to get the most out of your computer. Windows is requiring a bit more work to be optimized properly for audio and for your Daw of choice, while Mac has different parameters to set, less passages but a bit more work “behind the scenes” to be done. After setting the OS we’ll go through how Applications or Programs installed and we start optimizing more deeply inside the already optimized OS. At the end your computer is gonna have a new life and you are ready to go at full speed with your machine to produce your music. 

We also optimize your DAW of choice for your specific needs even on old and not powerful computers to not receive “overload” messages anymore or crushes of any sort. 

extra service: we also offer the service of installing specific software or library you desire to have and optimize that specific software inside the DAW and the OS. This is very much recommended especially on Windows machines. 

MAC PRICE 4 HRS: 3800 SEK (both OS and software)

PC PRICE 6 HRS: 5700 SEK (windows takes longer time to optimize)


This course is gonna guide you from the fundamentals of mixing to finalizing your track with mastering. We know that both mixing and mastering are hard things to handle and most of the time it ends up with an unfinished track or, worse, trying to find some help on Youtube with the result of having more confusion than before. We structured this course especially for electronic music producers and we give equal space to knowledge given and experience made on your actual tracks following specific references from the market to have your tracks sounding like you desire.

Requirements: experience with a daw, no specific plugins or daws are required to complete the course, stock plugins are enough. In case the student is using Reaper then it is highly recommended to have Fabfilter bundle as well at least.

Good to have: Waves bundle with SSL COMP and CHANNEL EQs and KRAMER MASTER TAPE or the SLATE DIGITAL BUNDLE, Valhalla Room and Spring Reverb, FabFilter bundle, Splice, Izotope Ozone, Analog plugins (we’ll be more specific about this after the first meeting with the teacher to see what is needed for your specific needs)

If you like your track to be mastered and mixed: Mix & Master

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We offer DJ courses, Music production, Songwriting & Branding. The courses are suitable for both beginners and those with previous experience. Our students’ age varies from 8 years to 70 years +. As the lessons are held individually, teachers and students decide together on lesson times. We hold classes 7 days a week and are flexible in terms of times. We are happy to adapt to your everyday life so that you learn in the best and most effective way.

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