Jimmy Strand (DJ JIMI)


Jimmy Strand has over 20 years of experience as a DJ, at various clubs around Sweden as well as abroad.

In addition to DJing, he also has extensive experience in music production since the mid-00’s. At the beginning of that period, the DJing was put on hold in favor of working more in the studio. But after a break from the players of about 2 years, he realized how important it was to work in parallel with both, and how music production and active DJing actually belong together.
One gives inspiration and ideas to the other, and the result can be anything from full productions to bootlegs and mashups. Therefore, he works in both Logic Pro and Ableton depending on the type of production.

Today he does about 150-200 gigs per year as an Open format DJ, ie a DJ who handles many different styles and genres. The gigs can therefore look very different and the strength lies in being able to feel and adapt music to the atmosphere and audience.

Four Questions

  • Best DJ memory?
    My very first DJ gig as a 14-year-old at a major party. Super nervous, but a memory that is strong because I then realized how music can affect the audience and determine if people have fun or not. From then on, I just wanted to do this all the time!
  • What do you do when you’re not playing music?
    When I’m not DJing, I look for new music and make a lot of my own edits on songs.
  • What was your first DJ player?
    My first DJ player was the CDJ-500.
  • How do you prepare for a gig?
    Going through music that I think will suit the gig. I ALWAYS decide before the gig which song will be the first song I play.