Mixing and Mastering Service

Now you can have your tracks mixed and mastered at StarDj…and more!

We start with a free feedback session in which we are gonna analyze your track together, we look at the project and, in general, we make sure that your track is in the “best condition” to start the mix and mastering process. 

After the feedback session we are also gonna talk about the estimation time for completing the mixing and/or mastering with price per hour depending if you sit with us or not as well.

In case for any reason extra time is needed (maybe for you to ask about additional changes for example) everything will be organized before so we are gonna tell you how much extra time will be needed and just if it’s ok from your side we will proceed.

After this feedback session there are 2 possibilities we offer:


You can sit together and we mix and/or master the track together so you are able to see in person and in real time how the process develops, the plugins used, automations, effects etc. We will also give you real time feedback with tips and tricks specific for you and your needs. We think this is a great and unique possibility for you to sit with us and see the work on your track from beginning to the final export. That will help you to better produce your next upcoming tracks in quality and time spent. You can see this like a mini course and get your track done.

Price: 1200 kr feedback/live + 800 kr per hour


Sending us the tracks for start mixing or the entire track/stems for mastering. In this case we want to be sure you are more than happy with the result so we will send different versions so we can be aligned on your desires and you can ask for changes of course.

Price: 800 kr per hour

Acoustic treatment and Calibration of your studio room

Do you struggle getting the sound you want in your home studio? Are your mixes always different from when you are listening from your speakers? 

We offer a calibration service at your place to make sure you can have the ideal situation when you are mixing from your system, at home or in your personal studio.

We are very aware of the fact that software like ARC from IK Multimedia or Reference from Sonaworks are offering systems for calibrating your room, but in any case the results will be limited by problems of your room, how big your speakers are, materials of the wall, measurements in general etc…so even using those great tools you can’t really be sure you spent your money and time in something that is useful enough to guarantee you the ideal listening flat response to work on finalizing your tracks.

What we offer is to come to your studio, calculating all technical physical aspects of your room from both hot spot and wide listening position etc. After that we are gonna indicate and explain what is needed to do to give you the flat response needed for an immediate improvement of results. 

After we acoustically treat your studio you can also run your favourite calibration software but in this case it will be just an additional help to optimize even further the results already achieved.

Everything will be explained, we’ll look together into the best solution with panels, bass traps etc and we are gonna install those for you and together with you to let you be happy not just with the results but also during the process.

At the end you can be confident that what you listen, what you mix and master is the flattest possible response, letting you always make good and honest decisions when working on your music…and better listening is always better music of course and we are happy to help you achieve this!


– first room and equipment check 700 kr
We come to your place and do the measurements and all the checkings needed. Then we plan the next steps and what exactly needs to be done. 

– then we calculate total price and after that you decide if you want to proceed
(Usal average price range 3000-6000 kr)

OPTIMIZATION: (4-6 HRS)   (put in ALL THREE  music production courses and master mix courses and master mix services)

First things first: you need to set your computer properly so your workflow can be reliable, efficient, proficient and always able to work without bottle necks of any sorts. 

We take your machine and optimize your os first (both Windows and Mac) with essentials settings plus tips and tricks to get the most out of your computer. Windows is requiring a bit more work to be optimized properly for audio and for your Daw of choice, while Mac has different parameters to set, less passages but a bit more work “behind the scenes” to be done. After setting the OS we’ll go through how Applications or Programs installed and we start optimizing more deeply inside the already optimized OS. At the end your computer is gonna have new life and you are ready to go at full speed with your machine to produce your music. 

We also optimize your DAW of choice for your specific needs even on old and not powerful computers to not receive “overload” messages anymore or crushes of any sort. 

extra service: we also offer the service of installing specific software or library you desire to have and optimize that specific software inside the DAW and the OS. This is very much recommended especially on Windows machines. 

MAC PRICE 4 HRS: 3200 SEK (both OS and software)

PC PRICE 6 HRS: 4800 SEK (windows takes longer time to optimize)