Below is our syllabus with points we will review during the course.


  • How DJ equipment works and all its features.
  • Beat mixing.
  • How to mix.
  • When to mix.
  • Mixing between different musical styles.
  • Techniques that make it easier to beat mix.
  • How to plan your set.
  • How to read an audience.
  • How to find music and where.
  • Basic course of the Rekordbox application.
  • Advice on all types of equipment that you need.


  • Make use of effects.
  • Looping / HOT cue.
  • How songs are structured.
  • How to use 3 CD players at the same time.
  • In-depth course of the Rekordbox application.
  • Using the microphone to improve your set.
  • How to prepare your set regarding cue-points / loops.
  • How to use the nightclub’s lighting with your set.
  • How to stand out among other DJ’s.
  • Marketing.
  • How to use acapellas.
  • Troubleshooting sound and light as well as installation.
  • Possibility to be warm-up.


STAR DJ’s education is purchased in a 10-hour package.
If you are a beginner, you will usually go through all the points on the “BASIC COURSE” (see Syllabus) on a 10-hour package. Which means most people can already start DJ’ing.
If you want to go in-depth and learn more, you can take the “ADVANCED COURSE” (see Syllabus) 10-hour package.

We offer three different options depending on how many people you are during the course. The more people, the cheaper the 10-hour packages will be. Note that it’s much more effective to be fewer people, because it enables the DJ teacher to focus all their time on you.

  • 1 student x 10 hours = 8000 SEK incl. VAT (8000 SEK per student)
  • 2 students (at the same time) X 10 hours = 12000 SEK incl. VAT (6000 SEK per student)

Note: Individual hours can also be purchased in addition to 10-hour packages.

  • 900 SEK/hour (1 student)
  • 1300 SEK/hour (2 students)

You can also do an INTENSIVE course for those who do not live in Stockholm or if you just need to learn quickly. The layout of the INTENSIVE course will then be adjusted by situation and time. Price and hours are the same as above.

If you want to test a bit and get an insight of being a DJ, we have an INTRODUCTION COURSE which is 1 day (4 hours in total, 1 person at a time)

1 student x 4 hours (1 day) = 4000 SEK incl. VAT


The first thing you do is click the “REGISTER FOR THE COURSE CLICK HERE” button, then fill in all fields and click “Submit”. STAR DJ will contact you soon to book a meeting (the meeting is free). During the meeting we will review your goals and discuss your vision, and how we will design the course in order for it to be tailor made just for you. After that we book 5 different occasions (2 hours at each opportunity) for 1 month. We are flexible with the lessons, so you can select both weekends and weekdays, daytime / evening as long as you book the lessons in time.